January 20, 2006





That's right, baby. Arrr.

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January 19, 2006

I Got Nothin'

Once I finished all my socks, I found myself without a good knitting-on-the-train project. The pirate hat is great for knitting when I can spread out and have my chart handy, and I'm working on a design project for work while I'm at home, but I need something easy and mindless that needs little checking of the pattern that I can knit on my commute. Socks are perfect for that, but I don't have a fun sock project going.

This weekend I tried to find a good new project, but I just couldn't get into anything. Do you remember the Pooling Colors Scarf I tried to make? You remember the trouble I had with it not pooling correctly when I wanted it to pool? Well... Of course, when I decide to make a pair of socks out of it and don't want the pool, that's all I can get.

pooling toes

I tried twice to get my toe up socks to not pool. Both times all I got was a big ugly swath of color that was creeping around the sock so slowly you might get one spiral along the entire length. Not what I'm looking for. I guess I just need to find someone would would like rainbow colored socks who has bigger feet than me. Not difficult, considering how freakishly small my feet are.


Next, I tried pulling out another project I started last year, but put aside for other things. This wad of knitted material is most of an alpaca OSW with 3/4 sleeves. Since I'm making it with longer sleeves and ruffled edges, there's a lot of figuring and tweaking that needs to go on... As much as I want to finish this guy, knitting on the train does not want to involve math and designing and such. This project will also soon be relegated to at home knitting.

Which still leaves me without a project to do on the train... What to do? Maybe some Pirate Socks? Because I don't already have enough Pirate gear, right?

Speaking of Pirate Gear, you're not getting an update on the hat this time... Next time we speak, finished Pirate Hat pictures!!

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