December 16, 2004

Multiple Sleeves

Sleeve One: Finished!
ron sleeve 1

Sleeve Two: Started!
ron sleeve 2

And the race is on! Ladies and Gentlemen, can she do it?

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December 15, 2004

Sleeve 2.0

ron sleeve

Well, here's a picture of Ickle Ronniekins' sleeve. I'm almost done (about 30 rows to go.) I think if I can get this sleeve finished in the next day or so, then I won't worry too much about getting this thing done by Christmas. I should have plenty of time. But... if I can't get the sleeve finished by tomorrow evening or Friday morning, I might start to worry a little. Christmas morning, here we come!

On the Boy Scarf front, the photo shoot didn't pan out yesterday. Poop. Perhaps I should just deal with it and take pictures inside this evening. I prefer natural lighting for pictures of knits, but this is just not working out so well. Grr.... Pictures soon, I promise. Pattern soon, too.

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December 13, 2004


boy scarf finished

The blocking worked and it's been given to the boy (who is wearing it today.) I'm just waiting for a time when we see each other during daylight hours to take modeled pictures. Our schedules don't really allow for much time spent together during the day, but perhaps tomorrow we can swing a photo shoot.

Question: Should I post the pattern? Would people be interested, do you think?

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