November 17, 2004

Jellyfish MIA

So... um... yeah... I've been gone for quite a while, haven't I? Stupid real life is getting in the way of my nerdly knit-blogging habits. Yeah, I've been sick, seeing a new boy, that fucking election hasn't helped, and all-over generally burned out on the blogging front. I'm not quitting, god forbid. I'm just not going to be very reliable on this for a bit. Thanks, everyone, for wishing me well. If you emailed me saying that you hope I'm alright and I haven't emailed you... please don't be upset. I kept planning on emailing people and letting you know I was fine, but that was in the same boat as updating the blog. I just kept putting it off hoping to get to it later. Sorry! I'm fine and well... And will try to update more often.

And now for a bit of knitting update.

R finished

The R is done, and with it, so is the front. I'm actually quite pleased with the way the R turned out. It's still a little wonky, but I'm hoping I can block that out. I'm also mostly done with the first sleeve, but all the pictures I tried to take of it this morning turned out all weird. I'll try to have pictures for you soon. I've had to size down the sleeves. The pattern calls for 100 sts of sleeve, but I tried on the sleeve Alison finished this weekend and the 3 year old size was plenty big. Too short, but the right circumference. Odd, right? So, I'm only doing 74 or 76 sts for the sleeves now.

I'm really hoping this sweater turns out OK. I'm already bracing myself for having to redo it. It just seems wide and funky. And the drop shoulders are not inspiring a lot of confidence in this little girl. If it doesn't turn out and I have to rip it, Alison and I have already decided that we're going to re-write the pattern. Weasley sweater for adults, people, wouldn't it be nice.



Alison came into town this weekend and there was a little shindig at Knit NY to celebrate. Cari, Em, Iris, Jackie Blue, Jackie, Elizabeth, and Valentina were all there. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Iris' beautiful daughter who was running around all crazy, I'm so disappointed. That girl is too much fun. Elizabeth somehow always manages to show up after the photo shoot, so I never have a picture of her. And I took a picture of Valentina, but in the spirit of blog reciprocity, I have decided not to post it. If someone had a picture of me that turned out that badly, I would hope they would decide not to post it. Sorry, Valentina!

Carolyn was also in town last week. I met up with her for drinks. Forgot to take pictures. But Jackie Blue has a couple silly pictures. There's one of me up there doing Crazy Eyes... It's a little scary.

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