October 30, 2004

Mail Call!

It's been an absolutely wonderful week for mail here at the Nipper Ranch. First there was the Snake Scarf kit from Carolyn and now we have a really great Hallowe'en present from Mariko.

mariko present

This is awesome! I love coming home to find packages shoved into my mailbox. Mariko sent me all kinds of stuff... There's a funny little Japanese journal with silly English on it: "PROXY If you have great talents, industry will improve them. If you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency." And, "notebook: Most advanced quality. Gives best writing features." So silly and cute. She also sent a very cool handmade necklace. She's so crafty! She sews, she beads, she knits, she cooks... What I wouldn't give for that kind of skill! There were some yummy smelling wipes and some cute little fake tattoos. I am handmade. I'll have to figure out some reason to wear these. Add in the prerequisite great yarn and our shared obsession of candy and you have a very rockin' present! Thanks, lady!! This made my day!

Mariko also sent a great card with the present that she got from Plain Mabel. I had to check out the website and OMG, is it dangerous. I fell in love with this Pickle Purse and had to buy it. I couldn't help myself. I had a difficult time not buying all this designer's bags. I mean, how can you pass up a slug bag, or a brain bag, or my favorite (after the pickle), the heart bag?

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October 27, 2004

Snakes and Jellyfish

It's an all animal, all the time episode here at nipperknits. I had a great menagerie day.


This is part of my Hallowe'en costume. Add the Fluffy Clouds sweater,some white pants, and my brightly pink hair and you have a really cool Jellyfish costume! This was really fun to make. Lots of bubblewrap and some iridescent ribbon with the very scary hot glue gun. Fun.

snake kit

There was one thing I was very upset to have missed at Rhinebeck and that was the Morehouse Merino Snake Scarf kit. I saw it early on in the day, but when I went back to get it, it was sold out. :( I must have talked about it later in the evening, because Carolyn found one for me the next day. How super cool! Thanks, lady! You rock.

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October 24, 2004

Right On!

I met up with Cari, Mindy, Iris, Em, and Jackie at Knit NY on Friday. It was great fun. It's been too long since I had some social knitting time. Rhinebeck was great, but I noticed a severe lack of knitting. And in a thoroughly un-Jenn-like fashion, I only took one picture. It turned out so horribly, everyone would be gunning for blood if I posted it. I'll just have to take a better one (or 5) next time.

They did help me with me Ron's stupid R though. There wasn't so much advice except block the shit out of it and moral support. But something must have clicked, because it's looking much better. Thanks, ladies!!

half r

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