October 05, 2004

Head, Back, Feet

nipper cap Head
I finished the Nipper Cap this weekend. I'll try to post the pattern for it some time this week. It's so much fun. I love the spiral the decreases make on the top.

ronback Back
I have officially started my Ron Weasley sweater. I'm loving this yarn, except for one thing. After knitting with lots of bulky yarns and on large needles lately, I've become spoiled. This 104 stitches per row and more than 3 rows to a centimeter is difficult. But fun! I'm working on the back now, warming myself up for the intarsia R on the front. Weasley is Our King!

muppety Feet
Between finishing the cap and starting the Weasley sweater, I started a pair of fuzzy, Muppet-y slippers. They are so lovely, soft, and warm. It's starting to turn chilly here, so I've been wearing socks constantly. I think I need a pair of extremely silly fuzzy slippers to bang around the house in. I'll be posting this pattern when I finish as well. Doesn't my foot look deformed in this picture?! I've got to figure out a way to take a non-hideous picture of my foot if I'm going to finish this project anytime soon.
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