July 24, 2004

Shopping Day

purl inside

Today I met with Alison, Alison's mom, Jackie, and Elisabeth for a bit of shopping. We had a blast! So much so that we are getting together again tomorrow for a bit of brunch and knitting. I was very good and bought no yarn. Not because I have amazing will power, but because I have a severe lack of funds. Perhaps on the next big trip, a little shopping will be easier on the wallet. Purl was our first stop. That's where the picture above was taken. I also like this picture. It reminds me of that old picture of the Beatles when they still had 5 members. Granted, we aren't nearly as cool as the Beatles, but it still reminds me of that. Well, Alison might be, just check out that sheep shirt! Then we went down to Downtown Yarns. They had a great summer display in the window. I love the little bikini top! We had tons of fun and I am looking forward to the Sit & Knit tomorrow. We will be at Knit NY tomorrow at 10 if anyone is interested in joining us. See you there!

Also, I had Alison take a photo of me in the Wavy-Line sweater! The beautiful backdrop provided by Downtown Yarns.
finished wavy

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July 23, 2004

Wavy-Line... Quickly


OK, here is a fast picture of the Wavy-Line sweater for your consideration. I'm racing the clock this morning, trying to get this up before I go to work. I'm meeting up with Alison and some other knitters tomorrow, so hopefully I will have a lot of fun pictures for you. ;) I'll try to have one of them take a better picture of my Wavy-Line, so you can actually see it.

Also, I did my Secret Pals 2 (yeay, gifting!) stuff, but cannot figure out why is aligned all funkily. Anyone have any help for me? (I realize there is little *true* help for me, but one can only hope, yes?) Thanks, kids!

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July 22, 2004

Knitting Meetup

What is it about knitters, or is it just women in general? Most of us are really open, happy to welcome new people, excited to find out what another knitter is working on. I have gotten so used to this kind of knitter that when I run into knit-snobs, it feels like an affront to nature. Last night, I went to the Knitting Meetup. My first impression: What a bunch of catty, old bitches. Really. I walked up, the ladies looked at me and dismissed me as unimpressive and did not even acknowledge my presence. All I could do was to look at them in shock and horror. I tried to pull up a chair and was forced to ask if I could scoot in, would someone please budge up. The woman in front of me looked up and sneered at me, "I guess you can sit here," pointing next to her. I was absolutely dumbfounded. After more people started showing up, I moved to a different table. There I found more open, accepting, nice knitters. I'm actually meeting up with some of them next week. Hi, Karen! And I also found out about the Booze & Yarn. They hang out at the Rodeo Bar and knit. "'Cause everything's better with gin!" I contacted Corinna and will be joining them week after next, I believe. That seems like loads of fun. Anyone up for an adventure in drunken knitting?

I finished the Wavy-Line Sweater. I will have pictures for you as soon as I can bare to actually put it on in this heat. What I great idea it was for me to knit a wool sweater in the middle of the summer! I started on a Lace Camisole (also from the Vintage Knits collection) and will have a picture of it for you soon, as well.

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July 20, 2004

What a Day

I had a bit of a an exciting day yesterday. I finally had a day where I could sit and knit for an extended period of time. (yeay!) But it was a kind of scary. I wanted to finish the last sleeve of the Wavy-Line Sweater; after that is done I only have to sew it together and pick up and knit the neckline. Well, at row 33 I ran out of green yarn. I started freaking out until I remembered that I had a large green swatch at my disposal. It quickly got cannibalized. I ripped out the yarn, made a teeny little hank out of it, steamed it over a pot of boiling water to take the kinks out, and wound it into a tiny little ball. Even with that, I still didn't have very much left when I finished the last 4 rows of the sleeve cap. But I did finish and I didn't have to make an emergency trip to Knit NY for another $10 skein of Koigu, just for 4 decreasing rows. Scary, yes?

But now the sweater is sewn together at the shoulders and I am picking up stitches for the neck. This seems like it is always the hardest part for me. I have picked up, knit, and ripped what seems like 8 times and I'm still not halfway. I realize I might be a bit of a perfectionist about this, but my sweaters never turn out looking the way I wanted them to. They look so good as knitted pieces, but my finishing skills are not nearly as good as my knitting skills. I like to knit, I don't like sewing up or anything like that. I guess I should take some time and some swatches and practice my finishing skills, but how boring is that?! Yuck. For now, I'm taking my time about finishing this sweater and maybe that will help. I want it to look amazing.

I'm going to the NYC Knitting Meetup tomorrow night. Is anyone else going?

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